Let it Go, Let it Go…

I was in Disney World over the Christmas holidays with my family. We were at the Disney’s Frozen sing-along show and the infamous “Let it go..” was performed. We were in awe watching the fantastic performance. Although the lyrics triggered a bittersweet memory about “letting a relationship go..” from my life recently & motivated me to write this post.

Sometimes, there are relationships(including friendships) in life you have to let go for reasons you may not fully accept or understand. I had one such relationship came to a sudden end last year. It was hurtful to accept that ending. I was mulling through these questions over and over- Did I do anything wrong to break this relationship?, Could I have done something differently? or Maybe I didn’t try harder.. etc. We all like closure but you may not get it sometimes. I didn’t on this…

These are some things I tried to get through this.

that not all relationships lasts forever and there is a good reason why this relationship ended.

of all the new relationships that started that year and how grateful I am for those new beginnings.

of all the relationships I have formed over the years that are still going strong.

I am sure many of us are dealing/have dealt with a similar situation. Life is going to be full of ups & downs. It’s up to our ability to deal with poise. This is easier said than done. Just keep reminding ourselves of all you are grateful for and practice gratitude explicitly.

At the beginning of your day, write 2-3 things you are grateful for each day. It can be anything- from food you have, to clothing to friends or family etc.– literally anything! I once wrote about the lock in my door that keeps my family safe:) The more positive thoughts you have in a day always defeats the negativity in or around us.

“Some people come into your life just to teach you how to let go.”- Anonymous

So, Let it go, Let it go….