In this video, Pradeepa talks to the Lean In Agile Women’s group about the power of love and how it starts with ourselves.

In this TEDx talk, Pradeepa talks about 3 practical steps on how to get unstuck in your life and move forward with your life.

Pradeepa talks to Michelle Shaeffer about the challenges she endured on leading life personally and professionally when going through infertility challenges for 12 years.

A heartfelt interview with Eryn Brown on the hardships of infertility and the added challenges our LGBTQ+ community faces in the world.

Pradeepa talks to Mary Laniyan about how expectations leads to disappointments and how to turn in around and create amazing relationships.

In this conversation with Sheena Yap Chan, one of most influential Filipino women podcaster, I talked about the subject of how to listen with passion.

In this webinar, Pradeepa explores deeply about the ill effects of having expectations and how it mostly leads to disappointments and frustrations and how there is an alternate that will help create amazing relationships and avoid disappointments.

In this webinar, I talked about how to create a feedback rich culture in an organization. I also talked about how getting proactive feedback enables you to be a better leader.

A fun interview with Bill Monroe where I talk about my top 3 tips to take on any stage in an effortless manner with ease. These are simple tips I have tried and tested over many years in my extensive speaking career that includes a TEDx talk as well.