Full Jar or Empty Jar of Marbles???

How does trust play in a relationship? A colleague at work shared this analogy about the jar of marbles (referenced in Brene Brown’s book “Daring Greatly”) and it resonated with me very well. Trust is the basis for any relationship. For me personally, I enter into any relationship with complete trust about the other person. That means I am holding a jar full of marbles with that relationship. I will start removing the marbles from the jar once the trust is starting to break for various reasons. For me some factors to break trust with me are- not following through, lies or gossips.

There are people who start their relationship with an empty jar. For them, they will probably start filling it with marbles when they get to know the person at a more deeper level, sharing values and count on their support when needed etc.

I was talking to another friend when she shared an interesting perspective for trust. For certain relationships, she starts with a full jar and with certain relationships she starts with an empty jar..

Do you know if you are a full jar or an empty jar to start your relationship? What are the factors that will make you add marbles to the jar? What are the factors that will make you remove marbles from the jar? How can you have a trusting relationship with someone when your jar is empty or the marbles keeps coming off?

I use this technique to introspect on the trust factor with my relationships. How would you use this??

Trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller and smaller after every mistake – Unknown