You’re hard-working, smart and successful.
So why aren’t you happy?

You know something needs to change with your work or life.
But you don’t know exactly what to do or how to do it.

Wouldn’t it be GREAT if someone
could JUST tell you what to do?

Im Pradeepa and I work with brilliant leaders, C-suite professionals and executives like you, who aren’t quite where you like to be in your career. Together, we’ll figure out where you want to be in your work and life, and the exact next steps to get you there. Then, l’lI support you as you reach those goals, so you can enjoy a fulfilling career AND have time for life outside of work

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Pradeepa’s coaching allowed me to elevate my leadership skills during a very challenging time in my career. I was reporting to a new boss, overseeing new areas of responsibility, and supervising additional team members, including an executive. Pradeepa encouraged successful discussion through active listening and thoughtful questions. She provided valuable feedback and recommendations. As a result of my experience, I recommended that Pradeepa coach several other leaders throughout the organization, and I witnessed similar positive results with them.

Robin LeFevre
General Manager, Toyota Motors North America, Inc. Plano, USA
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Coaches need coaches too, right?! Pradeepa was one of the first coaches I trusted to let “inside my head and heart.” We connected quickly and our sessions always got to the heart of the topic at hand. One thing I loved from Pradeepa was the ease of communicating and exploring a topic from different points of view. The impact of these discussions lasted long after the session ended. Pradeepa can help you better understand your thoughts and organize your plan of action.

Ardita Karaj
President at Industrial Logic, Toronto, Canada
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When I met Pradeepa, I was overwhelmed and unsure how to set up the priorities between family, work and my aspirations. Pradeepa helped me see my blind spots and get me to come to the clarity and key action steps I needed without me getting confused. Now, I know what to proceed with and why in order to bring sanity to my workload.

— Anit Patel
Business Agility & Executive Coach, Sydney, Australia
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Pradeepa is an ideal mix of understanding without enablement. After a few weeks, I made big changes. My entire life has changed following our work together! Pradeepa has the ideal blend of soft strength and quiet confidence. I have no hesitation to refer her to anyone struggling to accept that their current situation is the best life has to offer.Pradeepa gave me the rocket fuel to start and launch the business and not just talk about it and the theory of it.

— Michelle Hlywa
Leadership Development Coach, Detroit, USA
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Pradeepa has been a massive help. She consistently challenges the way people think about building high-performing teams and is never satisfied with the status quo. She's been a transformative force at work, in my teams, and in my personal life, and I'm honored to have worked with her as my coach.

William Hill
Engineering Leader, Amazon
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Pradeepa brings so much wisdom and compassion to her work - it's humbling to witness her abilities in action. She made such a strong impression that I decided to work with her directly as my coach in 2017, and wow - what an experience it has been! I have found her one-to-one coaching style incredibly intuitive, as she has a knack for asking the right questions to open my mind and broaden my perspectives. At the same time, she knows how to "challenge" me in a way that reserves judgment and helps me grow. I feel fortunate to be on this journey with Pradeepa and highly recommend her to anyone seeking professional leadership coaching. Thank you, Pradeepa!

Dan Sloan
Senior Director, Cox Automotive
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The problem I brought to Pradeepa is that I was quite overwhelmed and had things organised in a hap-hazard way. I had trouble with dividing my priorities and not giving enough attention to each, leaving me feeling unproductive, and stranded. Thanks to our work together, I now reach my weekly goals and I feel fulfilled, and productive.

— Junaid Mohammed
Advisory Consultant, Delhi, India
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Do You Have Trouble Saying No?

When it comes to our loved loved ones, authorities, colleagues, or friends, many of us have challenges saying “No”. And that hinders the ability to say Yes to and do things that truly matter. If you like to learn how to better at saying “No”, download this FREE chapter from Pradeepa’s latest book “Loving Myself and You: Embracing Your Perfect Imperfections” to move away from being overwhelmed with obligations.