Women’s Weekend Leadership Retreat


Every woman has the potential to be an exceptional leader. This Leadership retreat, my flagship program, is a unique and intimate space for women leaders to grow and evolve. It’s designed for women ready to elevate their leadership to new heights. The retreat is a transformative journey that will help you discover your best self and empower you to make a difference in the world.


As a female leader and a coach, I attribute my career and life’s accomplishments to my commitment and investment in personal and professional development through coaching, self-work, and mentorship with some of the best world-renowned coaches over the past eight years. In my lifetime, I want to help as many women as possible achieve even greater success in life and their careers and create the future they want.


Each time I host this retreat, I invest my heart and soul to ensure it’s the best it can be. My commitment is unwavering, and I strive to create a sacred, profound, transformative, and moving experience for every participant.


As one of the attendees articulates it beautifully, this is a space where we could leave the outside distractions, be present with our hearts and souls, and deeply experience the magic that kept unfolding. 

Any woman can be an AMAZING leader. This retreat helps you find your best version and bring this power to the world. Our world needs such FEMALE leaders now more so than ever!

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Topics Covered

How to say No with ease

How NOT to be a people pleaser

How to let go of judgments

How to grow tremendously in your career

Understand and own your Superpower

How to lead authentically and powerfully

How to gain confidence

How to be compassionate towards yourself

Retreat Logistics - September 2024
When do we meet?
  • Sep 13th – Check in after 4 pm central
  • Sep 14th – 9 am – 5 pm central
  • Sep 15th – 8:30 am – 12 pm central
  • Sep 15th – Check out by 12:30 pm central
  • Luxury Home in Frisco, Texas

What’s included:

  • One 60-minute 1-1 coaching session with Pradeepa 
  • Retreat – All Day Saturday, Sep 14th, and Half Day Sunday, Sep 15th
  • A copy of Pradeepa’s book “Loving Myself and You”
  • Two-night stay at the Retreat Location

Your investment for the Women’s Weekend Leadership Retreat is $1299

September 2024 Retreat is SOLD OUT!

Let’s be honest: You wouldn’t be on this page if you didn’t somehow believe your career and life could be different. I know you have the answers to what to do next inside you, but you need a little support to pull them out. I would LOVE to help you get there, along with a group of women allies who understand where you’re coming from and where you want to go.

Ready to take the steps you need to start feeling happy and fulfilled in your work AND the rest of your life?

Please contact Pradeepa to learn more about the next Women’s Leadership Retreat using the form below.

  • This women’s retreat is not like every other retreat. This retreat is for women committed to crafting their life, career, and the success they want. It is for women who wish to elevate their leadership in their personal and professional life. It’s for women who desire to lead powerfully, bring out their best in life, and bring out the best in others she interacts with. This retreat is for women who want to get a “seat at any table” and are unwilling to compromise their values or lose their souls. It’s for the women willing to stretch themselves, bring their 100% to this, and be open to challenging their “status quo” to create a better self and future.

  • It’s not about what job title you have or the money you make. This leadership retreat is for professionals, business leaders, homemakers, women ready to retire to women in their 20s, consultants, and kindergarten teachers. The main criteria are willingness to learn, grow and be coachable.

  • Intimacy creates a more profound learning experience. In my ten-plus years of experience leading groups of 5-500 people, the best learning and engagement happens in smaller settings. When people feel connected, have a sense of belonging, and are part of a group of allies, they can form trust and be open. A smaller group of attendees will aid that; hence, this retreat has only six spots.

  • The best way to commit to this transformation weekend and reserve your spot is to pay the fee 100%. I also understand that some folks prefer to split the payment into 2. If you choose to split the price, it costs USD 750 each. If you decide to pay in 2 parts, please note that the first payment must be made immediately, followed by the second payment in 30 days.

  • Please be aware that all payments are non-refundable once made. This policy ensures the commitment of all participants to the retreat and coaching sessions. I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

  • While the retreat focuses on transformation in a group setting, there is so much value in getting 1-1 coaching to deepen your transformation further. It lets you discuss your specific issues and challenges and get further support in your personal and professional transformation journey.

  • Whether you are flying in from outside the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex or live 10 minutes away from the retreat location, I request that all attendees stay at the retreat location. The retreat's stay enhances the attendees' ability to reflect and quietly introspect on the day's more profound learnings. The location's stay will help avoid distractions from other life happenings. Please instruct your loved ones to give you space during the retreat. That is why I have included overnight stays for all the retreat attendees. The first two retreat attendees also experienced a lovely sisterhood and strong bonding forming between themselves that they continue to enjoy well after the retreat.

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Pradeepa possesses a truly magical and powerful energy ❤️. When she enters the room, it's palpable – like the sun 🌞 radiating warmth and brightness. She has a gift for guiding us to become part of that positive energy source. It's a beautiful experience that's extremely difficult to describe in words, but “being there” makes all the difference.

— Suyukti B Narayana
Cybersecurity Leader, Dallas, Texas
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Dear Pradeepa, What a weekend it has been! You have moved mountains by bringing together a group of women interested in self-improvement and growth. Thank You for everything and positively touching people's lives! Big hug!

— Lavanya Chandrasekar
Director, Chicago, Illinois
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Thank you for this wonderful retreat. It is an intense, powerful revelation. I'm a new person who has come out of my comfort + non-judgemental zone. More power to you for touching our lives. Love...

— Shalini Bolisetty
Senior Vice President, Dallas, Texas
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You are you! Thank you is not enough. I Love you!

— Nasima Shafiul
Business Executive, Toronto, Canada
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THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for this fantastic weekend. I have a newfound confidence and hope for my future. I plan to keep going with my commitment to self-growth. I look forward to seeing all your endeavors.

— Dr. Prina Shah
Oncology Pharmacy Leader, Dallas, Texas
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I am very grateful that I came to know you. The power of the impact of your thoughts & leadership is greatly needed. The effect that you have has helped me to see myself differently. Thank you for who you are.

— Tamara Bassam
Product and Marketing Leader, Dallas, Texas
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